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reason and life

Reason and Life - The Introduction to Philosophy

Published by Hollis and Carter, London, 1956
Published by Yale University Press, 1956
Reason and Life begins with a critical historical examination of past forms of reason as well as more recent contenders
Reviewed Work: Reason and Life. Introduction to Philosophy by Julián Marías, Kenneth S. Reid, Edward Sarmiento
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Vol. 18, No. 1 (Sep., 1957), pp. 121-122 (2 pages)
Published By: International Phenomenological Society


 Julian Marías. Introduccion a la filosofia. Madrid. Revista de Occidente. 3rd ed., 1953. xiii + 462 pages. 75 ptas.

The title promises less than the book gives. Marias's work is, in fact, a fairly complete, co-herent and interesting system of philosophy. It is based upon Ortega y Gasset's philosophy of vital reason, but Marías has worked out many parts that his master had barely sketched. Al-though strictly philosophical in its approach, it is also valuable for the general reader. This is due in part to the fact that the "philosophy of the vital reason" is open to all minds, but also in part to the author's successful effort to introduce into philosophy an analysis of man's situation in our times.

José Ferrater Mora

Bryn Mawr College



The Situation of the Intelligentsia in Spain Today

Author(s): Julián Marías Source: Daedalus, Summer, 1960, Vol. 89, No. 3, The Russian Intelligentsia (Summer, 1960), pp. 622-631 Published by: The MIT Press on behalf of American Academy of Arts & Sciences Stable URL:

Vol. 39, No. 1 (Oct., 1960), pp. 92-99 (8 pages)
Published By: Council on Foreign Relations
Miguel de Unamuno HarvardPress

Harvard University Press

Translated by Frances M. López-Morillas


ISBN 9780674431355

Publication Date: 01/01/1966

Unamuno JM eng

history of philosophy

History of Philosophy

 Published by Dover Publications, Incorporated, 1967
ISBN 10: 0486217396 / ISBN 13: 9780486217390
Translated into English for the first time, under the supervision of Dr. Marias, the "History of Philosophy" presents a full, detailed, lucid history of Western thought from the pre-Socratics to the middle 20th century. It provides very thorough surveys of basic figures, currents and trends, with background, biographical data, survey of literature, summary of ideas, critical evaluation, and historical significance in the chain of Western philosophy.


Reviewed Work: Obras de Julián Marías. I: Historia de la filosofía Julián Marías
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JOG circunstance and vocation

Jose Ortega y Gasset: Circumstance and Vocation

  • Editorial ‏ : ‎ University of Oklahoma Press (31 diciembre 1970)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9780806108797
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0806108797

generations a historical method

Generations : An Historical Method


Published by University of Alabama Press, 1970

ISBN 10: 0817366113ISBN 13: 9780817366117

Book review: 

metaphysical anthropology empirical structure human life

Metaphysical Anthropology: The Empirical Structure of Human Life

Penn State University Press

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0271011394
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0271011394

In this penetrating exploration of human reality, written "in a single mental movement of almost sixteen unbroken months of work," Marias has produced the most personal and original--and quite possibly the most important--of his many books. Its theme is its greatest novelty: the discovery of the level of reality that represents the empirical structure of human life.

Metaphysical Anthropology brings to full development the course of Marias's thought over a period of twenty years, and completes the interpretation of philosophical theory that began with his presentation of the philosophical past (History of Philosophy) and continued through his view of the theory of human life in its collective concreteness (The Social Structure).


a biography of philosophy

A Biography of Philosophy

Published by University of Alabama Press, 1984

ISBN 10: 0817301801ISBN 13: 9780817301804

the structure of society

The Structure of Society


Published by University Alabama Press 1987
ISBN 10: 081730181X / ISBN 13: 9780817301811

phylosophy as dramatic theory

Philosophy As Dramatic Theory

Published by Pennsylvania State University Press, 1991

ISBN 10: 0271001003ISBN 13: 9780271001005

america fifties sixties

America in the Fifties and Sixties: Julián Marías on the United States

Publicado por Penn State University Press, 1991

ISBN 10: 0271005564ISBN 13: 9780271005560

With this one-volume, English-language presentation of two of his books on the United States, the Spanish philosopher Julian Marias joins the ranks of those foreign intellectuals and travelers who have made significant commentaries on our developing society.


the christian perpective

The Christian Perspective

  • Editorial ‏ : ‎ Halcyon Pr Ltd (1 diciembre 2000)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0970605404
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0970605405

Julian Marias begins The Christian Perspective with the observation -- which also becomes an informing premise -- that those areas of the world where Christianity is or has been preeminent have also been the most creative and progressive. Without offering an exhaustive explanation for this phenomenon, Marias suggests ways the Christian view has helped to shape our understanding of human dignity and destiny and examines in non-theological language how Christians have realized or rejected this vision.

understanding spain

Understanding Spain

  • The University of Michigan Press; Reprint edición (19 febrero 2018)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0472081888
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0472081882

Reviewed Work: Understanding Spain by Julián Marías, Frances López-Morillas
Hispanic Review
Vol. 60, No. 2 (Spring, 1992), pp. 207-209 (3 pages)
Published By: University of Pennsylvania Press
Gratrys Philosophy

Gratry's Philosophy: A Translation of Julián Marías La Filosofia del Padre Gratry

Traductor:  Mary L O'Hara 

  • Editorial ‏ : ‎ ATF Press (9 septiembre 2020)
  • Tapa dura ‏ : ‎ 274 páginas
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1925679535
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1925679533

  Alphonse-Joseph-Auguste Gratry (1805-1872) was born in Lille, northern France, of irreligious parents and lived during a time of endless revolution. As a young man, he underwent a powerful conversion in which he experienced a mystical vision of a world based on truth and justice. This determined the course of his future life. A classically educated scholar, he studied engineering at the outstanding ?cole Polytechnique, completed a doctorate on the scientific method in Strasbourg (1840), was ordained a priest, and later obtained a doctorate in letters and a licentiate in theology. Moved by the events of 1848, he published his first book in the form of a social catechism on the necessity for a systematic response to the needs of society. In a parallel initiative to that of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman in England, he relaunched the Congregation of the Oratory in Paris (1852) with Pierre Petetot to raise intellectual standards among the clergy after the Revolution. A charismatic individual, well known as a distinguished logician, theologian, social thinker, and outstanding educator, preacher, and spiritual director, his major philosophical works appeared in the 1850s. The French Academy recognized his genius with election to the chair held by Voltaire a century earlier. Gratry fell into disfavor for his adhesion to the International Peace League on the eve of France's war with Germany, and for his stand in regard to papal infallibility before Vatican I (a position largely vindicated in Vatican II), but he accepted the much narrower declaration once it was made. His most famous work, Les Sources, widely published until World War II, offers a plan of studies and a plan of life which reflect Gratry's philosophy of the person. The Christian Democratic Parties, the French lay movement Le Sillon, the Young Christian Workers (YCW), and the writings of Peter Maurin, mentor to today's Catholic Worker movement, witness to his foundational and comprehensive influence. For the first time in English, we have Julian Marias's (1914-2005) clear and accessible study (5th ed.) on the core of Alphonse Gratry's philosophy. Although he lived more than a century ago (1805-1872), Gratry addresses issues of concern today: the ontology of the human person with its body/soul unity; the intrinsic relationship of individuals to society and nature; and the problem of God. Recognized as a master in his lifetime with the rapid reprinting of his Logic, The Knowledge of God, and The Knowledge of the Soul, Gratry was relegated to near oblivion less than seventy years later with the rejection of metaphysics and the rise of Positivism. Marias reclaims Gratry's place in the history of philosophy and thoroughly explains Gratry's original logic "written from the point of view of the juncture of philosophy and the human spirit." He shows how Gratry's theory of induction, in Plato's original and foundational sense (Rep. VI), forms the heart of his metaphysics of knowledge-the science of transcendence by which the mind intellectually apprehends all reality: corporeal, psychic, and divine. Gratry thus establishes a complete ontology of the human person-rational, free, and endowed with a three-fold sense: external, intimate (sens intime), and divine-dependent on unlimited being or God. Gratry's original logic and metaphysics stands on its own philosophical basis, but in Chapter 6, "Five Interior Adventures," Marias includes a parallel, existential foundation drawn from Gratry's private journal. This reveals how the young atheist underwent a series of near mystical experiences which gave him an inescapable awareness of God and confronted him with the moral choice for or against this reality. In this extraordinarily lucid study, we now have access to the complete thought of Gratry, giving scholar and student, as Marias observes, a seemingly providential body of work needed in our time. 


Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Vol. 13, No. 2 (Dec., 1952), pp. 279-280 (2 pages)
Published By: International Phenomenological Society


Harold Raley

Responsible Vision : Julian Marias


American Hispanist, 1980
ISBN-10 0892170050
ISBN-13 978-0892170050

A Watch Over Mortality

  • Editorial ‏ : ‎ State University of New York Press (1 noviembre 1996)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0791431533
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0791431535



"Well written and well thought out, this book brings us up to date on Marías by including the latest (and concluding) items in his substantial corpus of works. Author Harold Raley does for Marías what Marías tried to do for Ortega y Gasset, except that he does it better. He explicates, clarifies, justifies, and defines Marías's thought as a whole in the context of his life and his long-term relation to Ortega. His grasp of the issues is confident and convincing; his style is lucid and readable." --John T. Graham, University of Missouri, Kansas City

"What I like most about this book is its lucidity, comprehensives, sympathy, and up-to-dateness. The problem-set dealt with Marias and the particular applications thereof, which are well presented and developed in context by the author, are right at the center of contemporary thought: rationalism vs. irrationalism, phenomenology and existentialism, feminism, etc. It identifies possible or alternative ways of examining and resolving these questions by faithful descriptive analysis and radicalization. The book has a novel-like quality which permits the author to write with style and achieve moments of depth and nonsuperfluous elegance." -- Jorge Garcia-Gomez, Long Island University

"Marias continues a tradition in philosophy that is little known yet vital for English-speaking philosophers to know about. This book is a splendid continuation of the tradition I consider so important." -- Howard N. Tuttle, University of New Mexico

Back cover

In A Watch Over Mortality Harold Raley offers the English-speaking world Julian Marias's compelling alternatives to contemporary minimalist thought, and does so in a dynamic style that itself reflects the humane spirit and verve of what may well prove to be the most innovative philosophy of modern times. Here for the first time Marias's philosophy is revealed in its full historical depth, its many interrelated levels, its fascinating apercus, and its real or possible applicability to many humanistic disciplines. In order to do justice to Marias and his way of thinking, Raley narrates the evolution of this philosophy from early antecedents in Germanic and Ortegan phenomenology to Marias's own original contributions. For this reason A Watch Over Mortality is not only a book about Marias but also about Ortega y Gasset and his times, about twentieth-century Spanish culture, and, ultimately, about the nature of Spain itself. The book is itself an exercise in the very method and style of the philosophy it explicates.

Author Biography

Harold Raley is Professor of Languages, Robert H. Ray Chair of Humanities, and Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, at Houston Baptist University. He is the author of Jose Ortega y Gasset: Philosopher of European Unity; and Responsible Vision: The Philosophy of Julian Marias and coauthor of Jose Ortega y Gasset: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources. In addition, he has published several books in Spain and translated four books by Julian Marias.



José Ortega y Gasset: philosopher of European unity

  • Editorial ‏ : ‎ The University of Alabama Press (1 enero 1971)
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0817366121
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0817366124

radical and empirical reality HR

Radical and Empirical Reality : Selected Writings on the Philosophy of José Ortega y Gasset and Julián Marías


Published by Totalrecall Publications, 2020

ISBN 10: 1648830161ISBN 13: 9781648830167


  Anton Donoso
 julian marias anton donoso

Julian Marias 

Editorial: Boston: Twayne (1982).

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0805764860
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0805764864

 Homenaje a Julian Marias  

Julián Marías on life and culture in the U.S.A.

9780912632810: Jose Ortega Y Gasset: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources (Bibliographies of famous philosophers)

José Ortega y Gasset : a bibliography of secondary sources

Bowling Green State Univ philosophy (1986)
ISBN 10: 091263281X  ISBN 13: 9780912632810

Vol. 74, No. 2 (May, 1991), pp. 317-319 (3 pages)
Published By: American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese


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